Welcome 2

An Unlikely Encounter

Scripture:  Acts 16:6-15 Speaker:  Geoff Van Dragt Date: August 17, 2014

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Renewed Day by Day Series2

Renewed Day by Day (19): A Little Foolishness

We usually don't encourage boasting but Paul says that, as uncomfortable as it makes him, he has to defend himself.  If you had to boast about your life, what would you point to?  What are you most proud of?  Join us Sunday as we continue our study of 2 Corinthians. ...

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City Gate’s Backpack Ministry

As school approaches, we'd like to help City Gates minister to those families who struggle to meet the needs of additional costs as school begins again this fall. Items to think about contributing include: pencils, pens, erasers, paper binders, glue sticks, pencil boxes, white out, highlighters, calculators, protractors, dividers, hole punches, ...

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